My Re-purposing
Why Do I Write?

In order to understand my world, I had to first discover my world. This first essay is an exploration of the reasons of why I write. Why do I pursue writing among other things, and why do I think it's worth it? It is the first essay that made me ruminate on why writing was so important to me. 

My first exploration of writing began with a re-purposing of a freshman year essay that I wrote about the different meanings behind the ring. I re-purposed it for a femenist magazine as a blog post that mimics the style of the feminist magazine, Bust. It was a way for me to stretch my mind and think about who my audience was and how to cater to them. 

After a semester of learning, my identity as a writer as well as my attitude and practices have changed. In this essay, I reflected upon the past semester  and how the different aspects of the class, especially new media have changed the way I view myself as a writer. 

After re-purposing my essay into a femenist blog post, I decided to re-mediate it into a video podcast. Using imovie, I was able to make my essay come alive as a different media platform by adding music, images, and special effects that enhanced the message of my blog post. 



A Writer's Identity
My Re-mediation

This Is The World That I Live In.


As a writer, I am constantly in my own world of stories, images, and dreams. This past semester, the world that I knew greatly shifted when I had to make sense of how it translated into writing. This e-portfolio is a visual chronicle of how my writing has developed over the course of this class. 


​Down below, there are four buttons that will take you to different parts of my writing world. Up above, there is the bar which will guide you through each part of my creative world. Whether it is writing, music, or video you seek, please click the respective tab for the correct path of entry. 


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